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Dr. Mike Abrams is a New Jersey psychologist (license #2564) and has practiced psychotherapy for more than twenty five years.

His orientation is Rational Emotive / Cognitive Behavioral, although he has had substantial psychoanalytic training.  He is a fellow and certified supervisor of the Albert Ellis Institute and has co-authored three books, a book chapter, and a journal article with Dr. Ellis.

He is currently on the faculty of the masters program in counseling at New York University.

The linchpin of his approach is his absolute avoidance of moral judgments. He does all he can to help all clients no matter what their problem, history, or background.

He has  extensive experience working with people with mood (depressive and bipolar disorders), anxiety disorders, and social conflicts.

His experience also includes extensive work with people in crisis. He has helped people in crises arising from such stressors as criminal charges, job loss, and sexual problems. His experience includes helping  both men and women who had been sexually victimized or traumatized.


Dr. Abrams has worked with people facing acute illness (he is the co-author of "How to Cope with a Fatal Illness."



His expertise also includes eating and intake problems (he also co-authored "The Art and Science of Rational Eating").



Dr. Abrams co-authored a college textbook: "Personality Theories: Critical Perspectives"  it was written with Dr. Albert Ellis and Dr. Lidia Abrams.


Dr. Abrams is currently contracted with Sage Press on a new book: "Sexuality: Development, Differences, and Disorders"


He has published numerous journal articles on topics ranging from sexual problems to the cognitive foundations of psychoanalysis.  He is currently writing a textbook on sexuality and sexual disorders.

 He has three advanced degrees in psychology including the PhD.

Dr. Abrams has received commendations from the Governor of New Jersey, the Hudson County Executive, and the Mayor of Jersey City for with work with chronically ill, indigent, and disabled persons.

After earning his PhD he completed a two year post doctoral program at the Albert Ellis Institute where he studied clinical applications of cognitive behavior therapy. 

He has provided mental health consulting to the New Jersey Division of Mental Health Services, New Jersey Division of Addiction Services, New Jersey Department of Human Services, and the Peer Review Organization of New Jersey.

In additional to his remunerated clinical work, he had spent several years providing pro-bono work to persons with AIDS and the impoverished.

He has taught undergraduate and graduate psychology at William Paterson University, Montclair State University, Fairleigh Dickenson University, New Jersey City University, Brooklyn College, C.U.N.Y.,  St. Peter's College and at the Stern School of New York University.

Prior to his professional work in psychology Dr. Abrams earned an MBA degree and worked in organizations such as the New York Stock Exchange, Merrill Lynch, and Citicorp.  He has also consulted to numerous organizations.
















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