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Dr. Mike Abrams offers psychotherapy in nj and psychotherapist services in clifton, new jersey and Jersey city, nj.  Dr. Mike Abrams is a clinical psychologists and a psychps



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Psychology for New Jersey with Dr. Mike Abrams, Dr. Lidia Abrams and experienced therapists, can help you if you are experiencing a crisis, a social problem, a major life change, or emotional pain -- things everyone suffers from time to time.  They have both the life and professional experience to assist you with any problem keeping you from personal fulfillment.  
       Feel free to call them to discuss their assisting you with your problem.    Their offices are in Clifton and Jersey City                       
(800) 681-3114

Drs. Abrams are NJ psychologists offering counseling, psychotherapy, and evaluations.


We Provide:



Career guidance

Couples counseling


Psychological Testing


We can help with:


Anxieties and Fears

Relationship conflicts

Chronic Illness

Traumatic events

Sexual problems


Dr. Lidia Abrams  also conducts Psychological Evaluations for Legal and Clinical Purposes.  Disability, Workers' Compensation, Divorce and Custody Issues, DYFS involvement.  Effective Expert Testimony in Court.

Books by Drs. Abrams

Eating and Weight

Text Book on Personality

Death and Dying



 (800) 681-3114


Jersey City


Dr. Mike Abrams          Dr. Lidia Abrams   

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           Dr. Mike Abrams and Dr. Lidia Abrams are licensed (NJ license #'s 2564 and 2968 respectively) psychologists in private practice in Clifton, N.J. and Jersey City, N.J. they offer counseling, psychotherapist and psychological support.  Their therapy is always completely private and completely confidential.  They work with adolescents, teens, and adults.  They are psychologists nj